Gazette is the public journal or newspaper, especially the official one of an organization or institution. The South Africa Government Gazette, which is called in Afrikaans, Staatskoerant, is the gazette of record of South Africa. It is the “official organ of Government”, and is the official vehicle of communicating to the general public by the government. The Gazette includes proclamations by the President as well as both general and government notices made by its various departments. It publishes regulations and notices in terms of acts, changes of names, company registrations and deregistrations, financial statements, land restitution notices, liquor license applications and transport permits. Board and legal notices are also published in the Gazette; these cover insolvencies, liquidation and estate notices.

VERY SOON, Subscribers to NextLaw can now access gazettes of the following categories:

  • National Government Gazettes: These are Regulations Gazettes, Acts of Parliament signed into law, and general proclamation.
  • Provincial Governments Gazettes: Published by Provinces covering provincial governments’ proclamations.
  • Legal Gazettes: Members of public are expected to communicate specific actions to the general public, such as sales in execution, personal name changes and so on, to comply with various stipulations of law. The Legal Gazette contains information Deceased Estate Notices, Insolvency and Company Act Notices, Business Notices, Company Notices, Court Orders , Liquidator’s notices etc., Public Auctions, & Execution Sales,

Whereas, a law journal is a prestigious scholarly journal focusing on legal issues, normally published by high profile legal luminary and scholars, organizations, students of law or through a bar association. Legal scholars express their thoughts on issues or problems with current law and potential solutions to those problems. Historically, law journals and articles have been influential in the development of law.

Legal professionals now have the unique opportunity of comparing opinions from legal Journals with Court Judgments and Statutes in their research. This is a great resource tool that enables legal professionals to compare and tap into the mind of other legal scholars in their research efforts, leading to a deeper understanding and interpretation of law.


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