These are Decisions of the Companies Tribunal from inception to date, and updated as at when new decisions are available.

The Tribunal is a newly established body under the Companies Act. Its functions include:

  • Adjudicating in relation to any application that may be made to it in terms of the Act; and
  • Serving as forum for the voluntary resolution of dispute

The Tribunal’s functions significantly include reviewing the administrative decisions and compliance notices of the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission. A decision by the Companies Tribunal with respect to a decision or order by the Commission is binding on the Commission, subject to any review by the court.

The Tribunal as a creature of statute may only adjudicate on matters specifically provided for in the Companies Act, 71 of 2008, as follows:

  1. Applications – including applications for review of Commission’s decisions
  2. Referrals
  3. Consent Orders; and
  4. Alternative Disputes Resolutions
  5. Cancellation of registration
  6. Objection to compliance notice
  7. Interim Relief
  8. Non-referral application

The Companies Tribunal has jurisdiction throughout South Africa.


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